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Select Clicker® TLS Black

The Select Clicker® boots offer a boot-to-binding entry speed that will allow you to always be the first guy dropping into the pow field, no more excuses not to go snowboarding!

Nitro has a long history and loads of know-how with the Clicker® system and we have developed the most comfortable and true-fitting Clicker compatible boot, in the shape of our ultra-responsive Select boot, to be an option for the guy who is looking for a quicker boot-to-binding entry solution. The Clicker® Sole on the Select Clicker® TLS boot allows for easy and lightning fast boot-to-board connection, so you can always be the guy who sets the first track in pow fields or groomers - it also just makes it easier to get out and ride! The Select Clicker® TLS boot has been upgraded with an Internal Ankle Support and New Auto-Power Strap to offer the support and response you need, combined with the Armored Shell, Power Tongue Stiffener and Flex Link design this boot will offer the fit and flex you desire when your cruising strapless. All day comfort and the perfect out of the box fit is provided by the Cloud 9 Liner, while the Re/Lace Liner Locker system allows you to make mid-day adjustments on the fly. If you are looking for a more surfy and easy to use set-up, then the Select Clicker® TLS boot is the most wallet friendly choice out there!

Boots Features

Clicker® Sole, Therminator Shield, Armored Shell, Flex Link Design, New Auto-Power Strap, Shell Power Strap, Tls 5 Twin Lacing System, Molded Tls Lace Handles, Bail Out System, Internal Ankle Support, Power Tongue Stiffener, Cloud 9 Liner, Ils Liner Lacing, Re/Lace Liner Locker, Ortholite® Triple Density Footbed


US MEN’S: 7 - 14 MONDOPOINT: 25.0 - 32.0 EU: 38 2/3 - 48 UK MEN’S: 6 - 13

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