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Over the last few weeks, the world has been effected on all levels and the uncertainties will continue over the next few months, which means a lot of freelancers are currently facing a financial emergency. Our goal is to create a platform for our snowboard community members who are most affected by this the Photographers, Videographers, Media Creators, and Park Shapers. These freelancers are taking a huge financial hit and unable to work due to the COVID-19 outbreak. With your support, we intend to collectively raise funds to help provide relief to as many of these passionate members of the snowboard community as possible. Without them, snowboard would not be what it is today!

If you are a snowboard freelancer and meet the criteria and need some help please sign up to be entered into the Snowboard Community Fund.

If you are a fan of snowboarding and want to support the freelancers and make our campaign a success, you can donate and share this fundraiser.

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Frequently asked questions

Who can apply?

Snowboard photographers, snowboard videographers, snowboard media creators, or park shapers who are currently being financially affected by the COVID-19 outbreak by not being able to work. Those who have been and are currently working as a freelancer and contributing to the snowboard scene locally, nationally, or globally.

How are participants verified?

Through their social media accounts, e-mail, the information they provide regarding previous work (employers, projects, parks, resorts, video links, magazines they worked for, etc..) and full names.

How can I contribute to make the campaign successful?

Please share this GoFundMe campaign on your social media profiles, with friends and family. If you can afford to donate - please do so. We will also promote those who do donate on our social media profiles as a thank you (if you want us to).

How will the total donation amount be shared?

After 2 months or when we hit 60.000 Euros, we will have a drawing and we will pick recipients from all verified applicants randomly for every 2.000 Euros.

What happens if the donation goal will not be reached?

For every 2000 EURs that is reached we will donate this directly to one of the Freelancers in need.

What happens if we exceed the donation goal?

We will continue to support more freelancers with the exceeded amount. The more we receive the more snowboard freelancers from the snowboard community we can help support get through this financially tough time.