Fiat and Nitro Snowboards collaboration continues

The succesful collaboration between Nitro Snowboards and car manufacturer Fiat has hit the next level. After the first common Model Fiat „Qubo Trekking Nitro Kit“ had positive market response in 2011, Fiat has chosen to expand the range. Things start in October with an additional two snowboard-specific, upgraded models  -  „Panda“ and „Sedici“. The Nitro Kit includes a limited Nitro „Haze 156 Roadwarriors“ snowboard, roof bars with Freebox, grey rims, stylish Nitro body stickers, Nitro logo seat covers and a backpack from the snowboard manufacturer. Coming in at around 500€, the whole package costs less than the half what the the parts would cost on their own. Wintersport enthusiasts can order directly from Fiat a car that is made for them...with great style & attitude on top. The models will go on sale in October and be available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and France.

Since 2009 the Fiat Freestyle Team supports the „Nitro Roadwarriors“; a team of talented snowboard rookies & pros who drive Fiat cars across Europe to find the coolest spots for snowboarding.