NITRO Key Technologies


Extended width under the bindings provides additional edge control and board turning performance. The extra width under the bindings toe and heel edge eliminate toe and heel drag and while offering exceptional control and natural board feel.
Your secret weapon on rails! With its unique edge profile and an impact resistance of more than 200% compared to a standard edge, this proprietary construction can take on any rail challenge. Take a file to them or ride them hard and wear them down naturally, this chunk of steel has enough meat for years of abuse.


Standard Camber

Standard or low camber provides the stability at higher speeds many shreds can’t live without. The amount of snap and pop you get from a cambered board is unrivalled by any other camber designs. If you like to haul ass and go big, camber is irreplaceable.

Lowrider Camber

Lowrider Camber is the ultimate freestyle camber with the perfect amount of flex, without sacrificing much needed stability, snap, and pop. The mellow positive camber curve allows the board to easily flex while pressing, while maintaining enough snap to help you stomp those backseat landings.

Roof Chop Camber

In an effort to build the smoothest-performing boards on the mountain, Nitro designed the Roof Chop Camber: A low positive camber with a flattened center zone provides unmatched pop and even edge pressure without bite.

Zero Camber

If reverse camber is too loose and standard camber is too stiff, then Zero camber is the solution you have been looking for. This highly versatile profile allows you to enjoy the benefits of both camber and reverse camber without sacrificing response for playfulness and vice-versa. Zero camber is quickly becoming the profile of choice for park and urban riders worldwide.

Flat Out Rocker

Flat Out Rocker is a hybrid Zero Camber profile where the nose and tail lift off before the traditional contact points, providing effortless turns and smooth maneuvers. The lifted nose and tail provide excellent float, pressability, and forgiveness in any terrain. This playful yet stabile profile allows for easy progression and all-mountain domination.


A hybrid camber profile in a league of its own, Gullwing offers the best of both worlds for the all- mountain destroyer. The positive camber under each foot supplies riders with the response they know and love while the reverse camber shape in the center allows you to experience unparalleled float in the powder, as well as superb press-ability in the park.

The most effective and lightweight dampening system to date. Bags full of air absorb every shock to save your back, knees and ankles and let you ride an- other day.
New for 2014-15 overmolded stainless steel cables inside of ratchets and connector straps – no more stretch, no more breaks.
No matter if you like your toe strap to run over the top and in front of your boot, our toe strap fits seamless to every boot and provides you with a secure and snug fit.
While other companies are just getting clued into tech lacing, the TLS is the most developed dual-zone lacing system on the market. The TLS has thin Dyneema® loaded laces and a highly reliable and functional cleat design. All moving parts can easily be serviced without using special tools. Our new Bail Out system provides an easier entry and exit.
All Our New Cloud Liners Are Constructed From Thermacell Material, Using Ni- Tro Specific Lasts And Our Signature Latex Heel Pads. This Ensures Long Lasting Fit And Comfort Without Fatigue.

While This Is Not Necessary, All Our Liners Can Be Thermo-Molded For An Even More Custom Fit. Specific Heating System And Tools Are Available.

Developed to provide improved grip on icy and snow surfaces, Vibram® ICETREK allows you to move more freely in cold climates. Vibram® ICETREK compound will not scratch or damage interior floors or absorb liquids or dirt, while offering grip and traction on icy surfaces. Usable in all seasons, it represents the best solution for every condition encountered from the Equator to the North Pole. The softness allows the compound to adhere to smooth surfaces and to support aggressive draws to improve traction on challenging terrain. In conjunction with sole design utilizing small pointed lugs and a large supporting surface, Vibram® soles realized in Icetrek Compound allow your to move with confidence.
In 13/14 Nitro Outerwear Presented Its First Line Using Cocona © 37.5™ Technology Because It Featured Cutting Edge Technology That Provided Some Of The Highest Breathability Rates And Waterproof Rates. We Wanted To Push The Standards For Snowboard Specific Freeriding Gear, By Designing Outerwear That Uses Highly Functional Fabrics And The Best Synthetic Insulations On The Market. Our Fits Are Ergonomically Cut For Snowboarders And Fabric Is Sturdier And Rip Resistant For Our Naturally Abrasive Sport. We Partnered With Cocona © 37.5™ Technology And Devel- Oped 3.5 Layer Shell Garments And New This Year 2.5 Layer Garments Insulated With Primaloft® Gold Insulation. Primaloft® Gold Insulation Is The Highest Performing Synthetic Insulation Available.