FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know which board is right for me?
In general, the most important factors of the board that will suit your needs include foot size, height and weight and riding style. For board width, people typically ride boards that are as wide as their feet, wider means more stability and narrow means quicker response, so you are looking for your own comfortable balance of the two.nNext, you generally want a board somewhere from shoulder to head high range, smaller being better for freestyle and longer better for backcountry. Finally, there are board specifics to consider, including whether you prefer to freeride, freestyle or something more all around.
What do I need to do to maintain my board?
It is a good idea to wipe your board down after you get home from riding and then store it in a clean, dry area. Also you should get your board waxed regularly by an authorized dealer or have them teach you how to properly wax a board yourself. Traveling with your board in a board bag can also increase the life of a board. To extend the life on snow, try to avoid hard items like rocks.


How do I know which boots are right for me?
Since all feet are different, the best thing to do is get to a Nitro dealer and try some boots on for yourself, comparing different fits. Pick the pair that is the most snug, with your toes just touch the end of the boot.
What size bindings fit what boots?
All Nitro bindings come with a size chart showing what boots they fit. With our new Precision fit bases our Binding and Boots are designed to fit perfectly together.
What sort of care do my boots need?
All boots come with a Lustral waterproof coating. The best general maintenance you can do is to take the liners out between riding days to keep everything dry.


How can I get a Nitro Catalog?
Click here and you can sign up to get a Nitro Catalog by mail. You can also sign up for the Newsletter on the same form.
How can I get some stickers?
Go to the Contact page of our site and email the Nitro Distributor in your country. Or you can click here to request stickers, request a Nitro catalog, or sign up for our newsletter (include a message in the 'feedback' part of the signup form that you want some stickers).
How can I subscribe to the Newsletter?
Click here to go to the Catalog Request & Newsletter Signup page.


Hold onto your original proof of purchase, or send in the registration card if one came with your product.


How do I return defective products?
All product returns are done through our authorized dealers to ensure the best, most consistent service possible. Once we receive the items from the shop, our warranty departments analyze the products immediately and will respond as quickly as possible.


Can I order direct from Nitro or on the internet?
Because we want you to get the best possible service, we only sell through our authorized dealers. You can, however, sometimes find older models for sale on line.
How can I get Nitro gear if my shop does not sell it?
Try special ordering through your local shop, or call the Nitro Distributor in your country.
How do I find my nearest Nitro dealer?
Click here to go to the Catalog Request & Newsletter Signup page.
Why don't you put the prices on your site?
Prices vary from country to country, so we do not print any of the prices. We recommend a trip to your local dealer to check out and price your Nitro gear.


Could I try to get on the team?
We suggest working first with a regional shop and building local recognition. A shop sponsorship can sometimes lead to a local rep sponsorship. A local rep will have the connections to help you get further with your sponsorship if you are good enough. It also can't hurt to make a resume with your contest results, and a video of your riding and send it to the Distributor in your country, which you can find on our International Distribution page.


What is Nitro's Warranty Policy?
Nitro offers a two-year warranty from the date of purchase against defects for Boards & Bindings. This warranty is for the original owner of the equipment, and does not include abuse or normal wear and tear.