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A couple days ago, I (Knut Eliassen) sat down with Eero Ettala and asked him a few questions about his summer, Cooking with Gas, the Olympics, Skating, and what he plans on doing this upcoming season. I just wanted to do a quick little interview to get an overview of what he has been up to and where he is going.
Above I have included some photos of the man and all of his Cooking With Gas Episodes form last season plus a short video of him talking about his new board – The Nitro Eero Ettala Pro Model.
(Knut) How has your summer been?
(Eero) My summer has been fairly chill. Just hanging back home in Finland mostly hanging out with my friends and doggies!
(Knut) Yeah you have two dogs right! Have you been skating a bunch, what has been your favorite skate trick this summer?
(Eero) Yeah, I have skated a ton actually, pretty much every day when it has been nice out. My all time favorite is the BS Noseblunt on a tranny, so I´ll go with that one again!
(Knut) As long as I have known you, you have been the blunt master! I heard you just got back from New Zealand? How was the snowboarding down there, any front flips or switch backflips?
(Eero) Yeah, just went out there for a quick Oakley catalog shoot. We actually rode only 2 days, cause it was more for lifestyle photos, but of course I squeezed one switch backie in there!
(Knut) Yeah buddy! You have the best switch backflips! Back to skating, have you been filming a skate part this summer?
(Eero) Nope, I have been just filming instant videos lately from my park sessions. It would be rad to film some real street stuff too, though. Maybe later this summer.
(Knut) What was your favorite episode to make and watch of Cooking with Gas last season?
(Eero) Somehow I liked the 5th episode, where we are riding all the resorts. It just had the best overall feel to it I think. Plus, it was real fun filming for that specific episode! Good vibes!
(Knut) That was a good episode, so relatable and it looked like the best time snowboarding with your true friends. Are you guys planning on doing another CWG this season?
(Eero) We have not actually talked about it yet. I am at least hoping to be doing something with the same crew, since I have really enjoyed my previous seasons with my Finnish homies!
(Knut) What other plans do you have for this upcoming winter?
(Eero) Mostly filming, I am only going to do one or two contest. Hopefully do some rad trips to explore some new places to snowboard!
(Knut) Sounds like a fun plan! How was filming for the X-games real snow last season? Was it fun, stressful, chill?
(Eero) I was stressing a little bit at first, cause you never know when it is going to snow in Finland. I feel like I got pretty lucky, cause it stayed good for the all of December in Helsinki, so I was able to work from home! Once I got the ball rolling it was real fun and it for sure gave me that extra push to get banger footage from the early season.
(Knut) Well, I can honestly say that you impressed a lot of people, myself included, with all your banger footage. Do you wish you were going to the Olympics? I mean you would have a shot in Slopestyle, I remember you getting X-games Gold in Slopestyle a few years ago.
(Eero) Not really anymore, man! Hahaha! Actually, the last time I competed in a slopestyle competition was in 2010 when I actually won the X-Games Gold. Now the level is a bit higher than it was back then, so I would need to learn a few new tricks for being able to compete with the youngsters. M focus really is in filming videos, so not putting my full focus on going to the Olympics would not really benefit anyone if I made it on the team! I´ll leave it for the young and hungry, haha!
(Knut) Understandable, the up and coming riders these days are so good and so hungry. Now, tell us about your Nitro Pro Model board that will be in stores this fall? What is the inspiration of the graphic and why did you design the board the way you did?
(Eero) The inspiration came from my hometown Helsinki. Its rad to have something real personal on your graphic, so when you are riding it, it really feels like the board is part of you. Regarding the technical aspects I just wanted and needed a board that will work from park to pipe and from powder to rails... I am not really into switching boards for different terrain all season. I would rather just get used to one board and rock that all day, every day!
(Knut) Do you try to inspire people through your snowboarding or just progress for your self? Have you ever thought about your position as being an inspirational human being for people all over the world? Wow, sorry this just got really deep.
(Eero) Hahah. I do not know. I get the spark for my own snowboarding for progressing myself as a rider, but I also want to do tricks and hit spots that I feel like will inspire kids to snowboard and get them to see snowboarding differently and open their minds a bit.
(Knut) I like that answer, well you are inspiring people all over the world so keep it up.
(Knut) After that deep question, lets end it with this. What advice would you give to someone who is just about to start snowboarding and what advice would you give to someone trying to bring their snowboarding to the next level?
(Eero) For the first timers its important to remember that no one should start snowboarding just to get sponsored, you got to start it for the right reasons and the fun of it. For the guys that want to take their boarding to the next level, I would say that the best advice is to discover your own limits and play by those limits. Also try to bring your own vision to the table and don´t just try to copy other riders too much. Originality rules!
(Knut) Thanks Eero that is some good advice.
(Knut) What have you been doing today? What are you going to do after this interview?
(Eero) Well today has been fairly chill. Played badminton in the morning, went skating in the afternoon, answered these questions and now heading out for couple beers with buddies! Living the life, hah.
(Knut) Sounds like a good day. Thanks so much for taking the time to sit down with me and have fun with those beers.
(Knut) Thank you.
(Eero) Thank you and thanks for the coffee!
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