Down To Earth - The Movie

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Down To Earth.
Have you ever wanted to go out and make a snowboard video or just go out on a yearlong adventure with your friends? Of course you have, who hasn´t. That is exactly what Nitro riders; Benny Urban, Marc Swoboda, Dominik Wagner, and Basti Rittig have been talking about for years, and they finally did it. The result of this year of fun and adventure is their own snowboard video - Down To Earth (DTE).
The four of them were able to get their long time buddy and filmmaker, Rene Gallo, to be in charge of filming and editing. Anyone who has been in a project, school, work or video, knows that it is always more fun when you are a group of close friends. That is exactly what the five of them accomplished. By putting a crew of all close friends together they had already won without even filming one shot.
Throughout the year the DTE crew traveled all over Europe, Japan and even spent a month in the USA driving from resorts to street spots with their US buddies. Dominik says; that the best part of the winter was getting the chance to ride the famous Rail Gardens in Salt Lake City. Goes to show that even though you have seen a spot a million times in a movie, nothing beats the actual experience of riding the spot. “We did not set out to create a movie with ground breaking tricks or only going to new spots. All we really wanted to do was snowboard as much as we could at as many spots as possible!” explains Benny Urban.
Down To Earth is a snowboard movie that documents a group of friends taking advantage of the opportunity to go snowboard all over the world all winter long. They want to inspire other snowboarders out there that they can do it as well; all you need is your friends and a little snow to have a good time. The DTE crew is all about riding the streets and finding new ways to ride their snowboards. Benny Urban describes the goal of the movie to be; “something we are proud of and showcases our aspect of snowboarding, the vibe, the lifestyle, and everything that comes with finding new to you spots  – the adventure of snowboarding”
These guys are true snowboarders who live and breath snowboarding, not for personal or monetary gain, but just for the fun of snowboarding.
“If there were one video I would recommend watching this year it would be Down To Earth” – Elvis Presley