China Invasion

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Last February Bryan Fox, Austin Smith, Nils Arvidsson, Anton Bilare, Knut Eliassen, Per-Hampus Stålhandske (filmer), Bob Plumb (world class talker) and the infamous Scotty Whittlake traveled to a Slope-style Contest in China. You may ask yourself what are these guys doing at an international Slope-style competition. Your right we weren´t there to get on the podium, we had a hidden agenda, we were filming lifestyle shots in China for our upcoming movie Nitro team movie, Hyped! We also would never pass up a free trip to China with some of our best friends.
We stayed in China for a total of 7 days, four days of riding and 3 days of sightseeing. Walking around Beijing, China with all these guys including Scotty Whittlake, was completely surreal. The culture and amount of people walking around the city at any given moment is out of this world. There is not really one bad thing I can say about China, except for the food. The only way to describe it is that it taste exactly like Panda Express, but not from inside the restaurant, the left over food that is lying in the dumpster outside. I don´t mean to be mean, but the fact is that we all were bed ridden sick for a week after our trip to China.
The Nanshan Open Contest took place at a small resort, called Nanshan, about 1.5 hours outside of Beijing. Out of our whole crew there was only one guy who qualified for the Finals, and that was the Team Manager. The team was looking good that day! To get the team stoked again we headed over to the mini-pipe. After we had ridden the contest all day in front of millions of Chinese TV viewers we ended the day with a 2 hour long mini pipe session with the legends, Michi Albin, Ingamar Backmann and Scotty Whittlake. Everyone was handplanting, tweaking and flipping their way down the mini pipe together. It was an unforgettable moment. The mini pipe was one of the main attractions during our days filming at Nanshan, because Chinese beginner skiers and boarders would fall into it about every 30 minutes. Absolutely amazing, it was just like watching America´s Funniest Home Videos.
After finishing up the contest and filming at the resort we headed out to the Great Wall of China for some sightseeing.  The Great Wall is probably the most impressive man made thing on planet earth. It is probably 20 times bigger than you think it is. Absolutely massive!
The trip ended like all snowboard trips end, going out to the most expensive dance club/bar in Beijing. When in China, right?!? 
Random Quotes:
“Never thought I would be doing board-slides in China” – Scotty Whittlake
“Hiking the mini-pipe with Ingmar Backmann, Michi Albin and Scotty Whittlake in China, yeah never saw that coming!” – Knut Eliassen
“I did two miller flips in a slopestyle run in front of millions Chinese television viewers, burn!” – Austin Smith