All Terrain
Size Running Length Nose Tail Width Waist Width Sidecut (m) Stance (cm) Stance (in) Setback (mm) Rider Weight KG Rider Weight Lbs
162 1210 307 / 307 262 8.8 / 7.8 52-64 20.5-25.2 -15 70+ 155+
159 1180 301 / 301 257 8.6 / 7.6 52-64 20.5-25.2 -15 65-85 145-185
156 1160 293 / 293 250 8.5 / 7.5 52-64 20.5-25.2 -15 60-80 130-175
Standard Camber

Response Rating

About the


Floats Like A Butterfly, Charges Like A Beast

Featuring our exclusive ultra lightweight Koroyd™ Core technology, built for riders who demand ultimate all-mountain performance for all day charging. The combination of our Koroyd™ Core technology and Diamond Laminates allows for unparalleled precision and response, while maintaining a jaw dropping minimum weight. Technology you can feel!

Highlight Features

Standard Camber
Snappy And Precise
Standard or low camber provides the stability at higher speeds many shreds can’t live without. The amount of snap and pop you get from a cambered board is unrivalled by any other camber designs. If you like to haul ass and go big, camber is irreplaceable.
Sintered Speed Formula II Base
Fastest And Durable
Rocket science put to work! A nanotech wax formula deeply infused into our sintered base material makes the base surface lightening fast in all snow conditions. Highly tuned yet extremely durable, SPEED FORMULA II base technology is exclusively featured on Nitro high-end boards.
Koroyd™ Core
The latest in core technology, utilizing co-extruded miniature tubes, vertically aligned and welded, with unique energy absorption properties, Koroyd™ is approximately 70% lighter than standard balsa wood, with no loss in strength or flex. This completely engineered core solution offers an exceptionally light construction, a smooth ride and improved dampening.
Diamond Laminates
Ultralight And Powerful
Well-balanced layers of carbon fiber establish a new level in performance. More snap and liveliness provide a smooth, powerful and effortless ride.


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