All Terrain
Size Nose Tail Width Waist Width Sidecut (m) Stance (cm) Stance (in) Setback (mm) Rider Weight KG Rider Weight Lbs
171 312 / 303 267 8.0 / 7.2 54-66 21.3-26.0 -25 75+ 165+
166 308 / 299 264 7.8 / 7.0 54-66 21.3-26.0 -25 70+ 155+
161 304 / 295 261 7.7 / 6.9 52-64 20.5-25.2 -25 70+ 155+
157 300/ 291 257 7.6 / 6.7 52-64 20.5-25.2 -25 70+ 155+
154 292 / 283 250 7.4 / 6.6 52-64 20.5-25.2 -25 60+ 130+
151 284 / 275 243 7.3 / 6.4 48-60 18.9-23.6 -20 50+ 110+
Gullwing Rocker

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Everyone loves a powder day – no matter how deep it is. The Reflex Profile and Gullwing Rocker  give you the surf-like flow and feel that you want while making powder turns down the mountain. We know not everyday is a pow day, so we adjusted the shape and flex of the Slash to handle any condition, from week-old tracked out runs to runs through the local park. No matter the conditions, you will enjoy surfing your way down the mountain all day in style.

Highlight Features

Gullwing Rocker
Nitro ́s Hybrid Camber
A hybrid camber profile in a league of its own, Gullwing offers the best of both worlds for the all- mountain destroyer. The positive camber under each foot supplies riders with the response they know and love while the reverse camber shape in the center allows you to experience unparalleled float in the powder, as well as superb press-ability in the park.
Sintered Speed Formula HD Base
High Definithion - High Density - High Durability
Utilizing a new base material compound, we have been able to achieve higher abrasion resistance, increased wax absorption and higher on-snow speeds. All in an ultra clear package for extra crisp graphics.
Powerlite Core
Lightweight Performance and Pop
The highest grade of ultra-lightweight poplar wood in our Powerlite core makes for the perfect ride with lots of pop and unmatched strength at a minimum weight.
Bi-Lite Laminates
Forgiving And Strong
Our rider-trusted Bi-Lite Laminates are engineered for unrivaled strength, powerful style and refined board-feel.
Reflex Core Profile
Enhanced Profile Control
A thinner core profile between your feet improves handling and increases torsional flex, allowing you to steer your board through a turn with ease.
Progressive Width
The progressive width is an exclusive feature on the Überspoon and Slash. Starting out with a medium width profile at the smallest size, these boards get progressively wider as they go up in size, ensuring an ideal board-to-boot match and a perfectly balanced board for riders of every size.


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