PrimeGig Wide

All Terrain
Size Edge Contact Nose Tail Width Waist Width Sidecut (m) Stance (cm) Stance (in) Setback (mm) Rider Weight KG Rider Weight Lbs
165w 1255 320 / 320 274 8.6 52-64 20.5-25.2 -15 75+ 165+
163w 1230 318 / 318 272 8.4 52-64 20.5-25.2 -15 70+ 155+
159w 1190 316 / 316 270 7.8 52-64 20.5-25.2 -15 65-85 145-185
156w 1170 314 / 314 268 7.6 52-64 20.5-25.2 -15 60-80 130-175
Zero Camber
About the

PrimeGig Wide

The Prime blends the best aspects of Nitro board riding technology into a forgiving yet responsive deck – ready to transform your aggression into rapid progression on the hill. Get ready to become a full time shred!


Zero Camber
The Everybody Camber
If reverse camber is too loose and standard camber is too stiff, then Zero camber is the solution you have been looking for. This highly versatile profile allows you to enjoy the benefits of both camber and reverse camber without sacrificing response for playfulness and vice-versa. Zero camber is quickly becoming the profile of choice for park and urban riders worldwide.
FH Base
Easy And Versatile
Durability, speed and low maintenance all in one ultra clear base material - our FH Base takes the abuse of rail and urban riding like no other.
Power Core
Performance Driven
Our Powercore uses tip-to-tail poplar wood, providing lightweight strength and the perfect blend of flex, response and feel.
Bi-Lite Laminates
Forgiving And Strong
Our rider-trusted Bi-Lite Laminates are engineered for unrivaled strength, powerful style and refined board-feel.
Flex Rating 6


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