Eero EttalaPro Model

Directional Twin
All Terrain
Size Running Length Nose Tail Width Waist Width Sidecut (m) Stance (cm) Stance (in) Setback (mm) Rider Weight KG Rider Weight Lbs
159 1170 294 / 294 252 8.3 / 8.8 / 7.5 54-66 21.3-26.0 -10 65+ 145+
157 1170 291 / 291 250 8.3 / 8.8 / 7.5 54-66 21.3-26.0 -10 60-80 130-175
155 1170 289 / 289 248 8.3 / 8.8 / 7.5 54-66 21.3-26.0 -10 55-75 120-165
Lowrider Camber

Response Rating

Railkiller Edge
About the

Eero EttalaPro Model

Pro Quality

After years of working together with Eero to create the perfect board that can handle the streets, parks, contests, and backcountry we have finally done it. The Ballistic Impact Panels, Railkiller Edge, Whiplash Core Profile combined with Standard Camber produces the perfect blend of strength, response, flex and control for any style of snowboarding. Join Eero and start riding everything!
“My new graphic makes me smile and laugh, which definitely brings good vibes to the slopes.”
Eero Ettala

Highlight Features

Lowrider Camber
Lowrider Camber is the ultimate freestyle camber with the perfect amount of flex, without sacrificing much needed stability, snap, and pop. The mellow positive camber curve allows the board to easily flex while pressing, while maintaining enough snap to help you stomp those backseat landings.
Sintered Speed Formula II Base
Fastest And Durable
Rocket science put to work! A nanotech wax formula deeply infused into our sintered base material makes the base surface lightening fast in all snow conditions. Highly tuned yet extremely durable, SPEED FORMULA II base technology is exclusively featured on Nitro high-end boards.
Railkiller Edge
Your secret weapon on rails! With its unique edge profile and an impact resistance of more than 200% compared to a standard edge, this proprietary construction can take on any rail challenge. Take a file to them or ride them hard and wear them down naturally, this chunk of steel has enough meat for years of abuse.
Powerlite Core
Lightweight Performance and Pop
The highest grade of ultra-lightweight poplar wood in our Powerlite core makes for the perfect ride with lots of pop and unmatched strength at a minimum weight.
Diamond Band
Carbon reinforcement fibers are ultra strong yet lightweight. Tip-to-tail stringers transfer rider’s input to help you drive your board and stay in control.
Ballistic Impact Panel
Kevlar© is used in bulletproof vests and body armor to protect your core. We use it in strategic places around the binding-to-board interface to protect the construction from impacts during hard landings.
Tri-Lite Laminates
Responsive and Balanced
The perfect blend of flex and torsion control, Nitro tuned Tri-Lite Laminates with fibers running in 3 directions make for quick turning, highly responsive boards.


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