Directional Twin
All Terrain
Size Running Length Nose Tail Width Waist Width Sidecut (m) Stance (cm) Stance (in) Setback (mm) Rider Weight KG Rider Weight Lbs
165 1210 304 / 304 258 8.5 / 7.6 / 5.4 / 7.4 52-64 20.5-25.2 -15 70+ 155+
162 1180 302 / 302 256 8.4 / 7.0 / 5.1 / 7.3 52-64 20.5-25.2 -15 65-85 145-185
159 1160 300 / 300 254 8.2 / 6.8 / 5.0 / 7.1 52-64 20.5-25.2 -15 60-80 130-175
156 1140 298 / 298 252 8.1 / 6.6 / 4.8 / 7.0 50-62 19.7-24.4 -15 55-75 120-165
Gullwing Rocker

Response Rating

Power Pods
About the


The Game Changer

If you think the Standard Cambered universe is too black and white, then add some color in your life, with the Gullwing version of this game changing all-mountain deck. The new shape´s exaggerated nose and the merging of Nitro´s signature Gullwing Rocker  with our Power Pods have created a board that can carve on a dime, float like a boat, press higher than your friends and still offer world-class ollie pop. We have finally created a monster that can do it all – Change your game up!

Highlight Features

Gullwing Rocker
Nitro ́s Hybrid Camber
A hybrid camber profile in a league of its own, Gullwing offers the best of both worlds for the all- mountain destroyer. The positive camber under each foot supplies riders with the response they know and love while the reverse camber shape in the center allows you to experience unparalleled float in the powder, as well as superb press-ability in the park.
Sintered Speed Formula II Base
Fastest And Durable
Rocket science put to work! A nanotech wax formula deeply infused into our sintered base material makes the base surface lightening fast in all snow conditions. Highly tuned yet extremely durable, SPEED FORMULA II base technology is exclusively featured on Nitro high-end boards.
Powerlite Core
Lightweight Performance and Pop
The highest grade of ultra-lightweight poplar wood in our Powerlite core makes for the perfect ride with lots of pop and unmatched strength at a minimum weight.
Diamond Laminates
Ultralight And Powerful
Well-balanced layers of carbon fiber establish a new level in performance. More snap and liveliness provide a smooth, powerful and effortless ride.
Power Pods
Extended width under the bindings provides additional edge control and board turning performance. The extra width under the bindings toe and heel edge eliminate toe and heel drag and while offering exceptional control and natural board feel.


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