M 7.0-10.5 US / 25.0-28.5 MP/ 38.5 - 43.5 EU
L 11.0-14.0 US / 29.0-32.0 MP/ 44 - 48 EU
Air Dampening

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Wizard – White
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Wizard Binding

Designed for comfortable progression from the groomers to the park

The Wizard delivers exceptional fit with the ultra lightweight one-piece Precision AIR  Baseplate. The Wizard is equipped with Nitro´s AIR Dampening technology integrated into the heel for increased comfort and solid foothold. We have also added our TYPE R highback for symmetric flex and response and Aluminum Speedwheel Buckles for maximum durability.


Air Dampening
NITRO Air Dampening
Type R Highback
Precision Fit 2 Baseplate
Premium Comfort Ankle Strap
Easy Entry Ratchet Straps
B.E.S.T. Convertible Toe Strap
Aluminum Speedwheel Buckles

Highlight Features

Speedwheel Aluminum Buckles
The strongest and lightest aluminum lever combined with the smoothness of a polymer Speedwheel. These buckles work like a dream and last forever- No stripping, no slipping!
NITRO Air Dampening
The most effective and lightweight dampening system to date. Bags full of air absorb every shock to save your back, knees and ankles and let you ride an- other day.
Easy Entry Ratchet Straps
These S-curved ratchet straps stay out of your way when stepping into the binding. The wide-mouth buckle funnel helps you guide the ratchet for an ultra fast, precise bite of your buckles.
B.E.S.T. Convertible Toe Strap
No matter if you like your toe strap to run over the top and in front of your boot, our toe strap fits seamless to every boot and provides you with a secure and snug fit.


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