Medium: Fits Boot Sizes 25.0 - 28.5 // Large: Fits Boot Sizes 29.0 - 32.0
Air Dampening
Pusher – Black
About the

Pusher Binding

This indestructible binding is like no other on the market. The Pusher is built on the lightweight and rock-solid Precision Fit 2 chassis and features shock absorbing Dual AIR dampening. For riders that love the fit and feel of a one piece binder, this is your kit.


Flex Windows
A large, center cut-out that makes the straps ultra pliable and conforming to your boot shape. Coupled with the 3D molded internal frame for extra strength, this lightweight construction offers solid foothold and lasting support.
NITRO Dual Air Dampening
The Dual AIR concept extends the shock absorbing qualities known from heel airbags to the toe area while significantly reducing the weight of the binding. FEA optimized cushion columns provide the support and response you can rely on. During hard landings, these dampeners collapse and efficiently absorb energy, while an additional gel insert in the heel eliminates high frequency vibration.
Speedwheel Aluminum Buckles
Ultra lightweight aluminum levers with an injected ratchet roller wheel for fast, effortless entry, zero slip and unmatched reliability.
Asym Hammer Highback
Our asymmetrical highback designs are built for the quickest response from rider to board. The Asym design better accommodates today’s stances from 21 inches and up. To ensure maximum response and align the pressure to the middle of the boot, the highback support axis is shifted 5 degrees inwards. Better edge hold, comfort and lightweight - What more could you ask for?
LSD - Ladder Speed Device - Alignment
This little buddy aligns your ladders right into the buckles for an ultra fast, precise bite of your buckles. You will trip out on their performance.
Precision Fit 2 Chassis
Dampening like no other one-piece binding in the line-up. Queen size airbags in toe and heel deliver unrivalled dampening and support while massively reducing weight. Our most efficient suspension technology is now available in a one-piece binding chassis. Fiberglass loaded Nylon material guarantees best strength and response at a minimum weight.
Premium Control Cut Ankle Straps
These straps are bigger and have more area to cover the ankle. Featuring our ultra-soft super foam and internal 3D molded frame, these straps can be cranked down even tighter without getting any pressure points.
Revert Window Toe Straps
The Revert toe strap construction nicely follows the shape of any boots toe box. You can wear it either in front of your boot to pull the foot back and down or traditionally over the top of the boot like a conventional strap. Converted in just seconds, of course, tool free!