Medium: Fits Boot Sizes 25.0 - 28.5 // Large: Fits Boot Sizes 29.0 - 32.0
Air Dampening
Machine – Black
About the

Machine Binding

The Machine’s new asym Carbon Beam highback and carbon reinforced FTI EVO 2 AIR chassis provide mind altering response. The canted Dual AIR dampening throughout the whole binding lets you go faster, feel more comfortable and saves your knees to ride another day. Turn on the Machine and ride.


NITRO Canted Dual Air Dampening With Cushion Pillows
The canted Dual AIR Dampening throughout the entire binding lets you land deeper, feel more comfortable and saves your knees to ride another day.
Asym Carbon Beam Highback
Unlike many similar designs, this new highback is constructed entirely of carbon fiber. It’s unique design and structure makes it our lightest and most responsive highback to date.
Flex Windows
A large, center cut-out that makes the straps ultra pliable and conforming to your boot shape. Coupled with the 3D molded internal frame for extra strength, this lightweight construction offers solid foothold and lasting support.
Forged Speedwheel Aluminum Buckles
The strongest and lightest aluminum lever construction with the smoothness of a composite Speed- wheel. These buckles work like a dream and last forever.
New 2X4 Mini Disc With Angle Lock Feature
Our completely redesigned, signature Mini Disc with additional features. Weight has been reduced using a fiber-reinforced composite material, allowing the binding to be mounted and micro-adjusted on any common 2x4 insert pattern.
Carbon Reinforced FTI EVO 2 Air Chassis
Double Air technology meets FTI featuring our new Mini Disc to maximize the available dampening area. Huge cut-outs for airbags in the toe and heel part bring the weight down and a new coring pattern enhances strength and response. This chassis is available in a carbon or glass fiber reinforced nylon composite.
Canted Dual Density Ergo Base Padding
We were able to insert canted dual density ergo base padding, that will absorb icy park landings and huge street drops, taking the impact instead of your back, knees and ankles.
LSD - Ladder Speed Device - Alignment
This little buddy aligns your ladders right into the buckles for an ultra fast, precise bite of your buckles. You will trip out on their performance.
Profiled Ergo Cut Ankle Strap
Using an ergonomically shaped outline, these straps have a tapered profile towards both ends to fit more snugly in the connection areas while still providing lots of cush in the central impact zone.
Cable Connector Strap
The cable connector strap features an internal stainless steel cable to eliminate stretch and breakage while retaining full flexibility and tool free adjustment.
Cable Ratchets
The team loves the cable connector for its durability and zero stretch. Now you can benefit from the same concept on the ratchet side. Stainless steel cables are over molded inside the tongue – no more stretch, no more breaks.