Small: Fits Boot Sizes 21.0 - 24.5 // Medium: Fits Boot Sizes 25.0 - 28.5
Air Dampening
Eris – White
About the

Eris Binding

The Eris delivers precise response and unmatched comfort to destroy lines and flow through the park. It boasts lightweight construction featuring the FTI AIR chassis and amazing straps for enhanced comfort and better performance. Its sleek styling will inspire you to make every run flawless.


Flex Windows
A large, center cut-out that makes the straps ultra pliable and conforming to your boot shape. Coupled with the 3D molded internal frame for extra strength, this lightweight construction offers solid foothold and lasting support.
Forged Speedwheel Aluminum Buckles
The strongest and lightest aluminum lever construction with the smoothness of a composite Speed- wheel. These buckles work like a dream and last forever.
FTI Air Chassis
The FTI Air chassis is a huge step forward in lightweight binding design and dampening. By opening up the sub-frame on the heel, we were able to insert a full-size Airbag. Not some micro gel pad or rubber bubble, but a full-size Airbag that will absorb icy park landings and huge street drops, taking the impact instead of your back. The FTI Air chassis is also featuring our new Mini Disc for maximum board flex.
NITRO Air Dampening
Our trusted AIR suspension technology is now featured on even more models. The lightest shock absorbing technology on the planet sucks up hard landings and keeps your heels from getting bruised. This noticeable difference in ride and comfort does not miss any response and control.
LSD - Ladder Speed Device - Alignment
This little buddy aligns your ladders right into the buckles for an ultra fast, precise bite of your buckles. You will trip out on their performance.
Premium Slim Cut Ankle Straps
Our Slim Cut ankle straps have a narrower profile for improved flex and freedom of movement. Incorporating our super memory foam for lasting comfort and additional leather reinforcements on the top and sides, this design can take any abuse you can dish out.
Womens Asym Type S Highback
Asym Highback Support
Our asymmetrical highback designs are built for the quickest response from rider to board. The Asym design better accommodates today’s stances from 21 inches and up. To ensure maximum response and align the pressure to the middle of the boot, the highback support axis is shifted 5 degrees inwards. Better edge hold, comfort and lightweight - What more could you ask for?
Revert Window Toe Straps
The Revert toe strap construction nicely follows the shape of any boots toe box. You can wear it either in front of your boot to pull the foot back and down or traditionally over the top of the boot like a conventional strap. Converted in just seconds, of course, tool free!