XS 12.0-3.5 US / 19.0-22.0 MP/ 29.5 – 35.0 EU

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DIY – Orange
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DIY Binding

Made for the ripper who wants to do it themselves

The D.I.Y.´s Quick-Fit Baseplate offers the adjustability every little shredder needs for his ever growing feet, while the comfortable D.I.Y. strap and easy-to-use buckles make this binding a breeze for anyone to use. Show your parents and friends you can Do It Yourself!


DIY Highback
Quick-Fit Baseplate
DIY Ankle Strap With Flex Window
Easy Entry Buckle Tech And Ratchet Straps
S-Curved Ratchet Straps
Speedwheel Buckles

Highlight Features

Speedwheel Buckles
This 2-part design allows for high strength materials to be chosen for the lever while the ratchet roller is made from a smoothly gliding polymer. No stripping, no slipping!
Easy Entry Ratchet Straps
These S-curved ratchet straps stay out of your way when stepping into the binding. The wide-mouth buckle funnel helps you guide the ratchet for an ultra fast, precise bite of your buckles.


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