Extra Small: Fits Boot Sizes 17.0 - 22.0
DIY – Yellow
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DIY Binding

The D.I.Y. is the perfect binding for the smallest shredders on the hill. The Quick-Fit chassis allows the binding size to be adjusted from year to year, while the comfortable strap and easy-to-use buckles make this binding a breeze to use. Declare your independence and Do It Yourself, little buddies!


Flex Windows
A large, center cut-out that makes the straps ultra pliable and conforming to your boot shape. Coupled with the 3D molded internal frame for extra strength, this lightweight construction offers solid foothold and lasting support.
Speedwheel Buckles
This 2-part design allows for high strength materials to be chosen for the lever while the ratchet roller is made from a smoothly gliding polymer. No stripping, no slipping!
LSD - Ladder Speed Device - Alignment
This little buddy aligns your ladders right into the buckles for an ultra fast, precise bite of your buckles. You will trip out on their performance.