Small: Fits Boot Sizes 22.5 - 24.5 // Medium: Fits Boot Sizes 25.0 - 28.5
EVA Dampening
Charger – Blue
About the

Charger Binding

The Charger provides young shredders with a solid binding that is ready to keep up with their progressive riding. Super easy to adjust for those ever-growing feet, the Charger features a convertible toe strap to provide enhanced foothold and response.


Eva Base Dampening
EVA footbeds dampen vibration for increased comfort and improved control while providing great shock absorption from big drops and hard landings.
Speedwheel Buckles
This 2-part design allows for high strength materials to be chosen for the lever while the ratchet roller is made from a smoothly gliding polymer. No stripping, no slipping!
Precision Fit Chassis
The precision fit base. Raiden’s one-piece is designed for size independent flex and response.
Revert Toe Straps
The Revert toe strap construction follows the shape of any boot’s toe box. You can wear it either in front of your boot to pull the foot back and down or traditionally, over the top of the boot, like a conventional strap – easily converted, tool free, in seconds!