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5 x 5 with Austin Smith


Five Favorite Snowboard Videos

1. Optigrab

2. The Revival

3. 91 words for snow

4. Some kinda life

5. I wish there was a video that was just all of Nicholas and Gigi's parts from the past 10 years. 


Five Favorite Grabs

1. No grab, your feet are strapped on

2. Melon in the halfpipe

3. Indy with fs inverts

4. Nose while you tailblock 

5. Anything with a switch straight air


Five Favorite Rookie of the Year Moments

1. What

2. Does

3. This 

4. Mean

5. It was too long ago and I can't remember any of them. I just have a trophy at my parents house. 


Five Favorite Water Sources (see what I did there)

1. From the tap

2. From a drinking fountain

3. From a creek

4. From the Northwest

5. Not from Southern California 


Five Favorite Reasons To Get Excited For The Winter

1. All the best holidays

2. Hockey season

3. Snowmobiling 

4. Xc skiing 

5. Powder 

6. Oh yeah Going Snowboarding!