2014 New Snowboard Models

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Introducing the new Nitro snowboards
We would like to introduce a few of the new 2014 snowboards that we added to the Nitro snowboard line. We have written short little write ups on each new board below and above you can see a video review about each new snowboard. Just click on the right side of the video/image above to navigate to the next video review. We believe in snowboard innovation and the idea that snowboarding is about creating; creating new experiences, new tricks, new friends, new runs, and anything your mind can imagine. Therefore we are proud to introduce the new snowboards we created for our 2014 snowboard line.
Nitro Women´s Slash
The Nitro Slash has been an iconic staple in the men´s line for years, and now we are bringing it to all those badass ladies who love a good powder day. The combination of the tapered shape and the Gullwing Camber makes this board easy to turn, stay on top of the snow, and throw up some of the biggest sprays you have ever seen.  The retro graphic and the big shark mouth graphic on the base lets all of your friends know you are coming and they should get out of the way. The Women´s Slash comes in a perfect 151cm size for all mountain shredding. If you want to make powder days even better, increase your riding skills, or just want to have fun on an amazing snowboard – then the Women´s Slash is perfect for you. Once you go Slash you never go back!
Nitro Women´s Victoria
While most women are focusing on keeping up with the pack in the park, there are those brave few who want to tackle the whole mountain without sacrificing on performance and response. The new Nitro Victoria answers the call of that all-mountain woman with its aggressive directional shape and stiffer Mountain flex pattern. The Reflex Profile allows the rider to initiate turns on a dime and power into the next one with precision and power. Diamond Laminates give the Victoria snap to pop over anything nature puts in your way, while the Sintered Speed Formula II base ensures you will be getting first tracks before the rest of your crew have finished strapping in. The Victoria is for that woman who wants a high performance board to explore the entire mountain without being high maintenance.
Nitro Pyro
A blast from the past! We were the first company to introduce an asymmetrical edge on a snowboard in the early 90's and for 2013 we are bringing it back complete with throwback graphics. The Pyro is the quiver of one you have been looking for. Featuring zero camber, the Pyro is easy to press but is also more responsive than the typical reverse camber board. The asym edges coupled with Power Pods allow this board to turn on a dime. The retro shape and graphic is sure to catch the attention of everyone in the lift line. Rail Killer Edges allow you to jib anything and everything in your way without fear of cracking an edge. The sintered base rounds out this amazing shred stick, ensuring you will always have enough speed to stay ahead of the pack. If you are looking for a playful yet responsive board to do it all, look no further. The Pyro is what dreams are made of.
Nitro Smith & Fox Quiver Powder Snowboard
About two years ago Austin Smith went to Japan on a filming trip noticed that all the respected Japanese big mountain snowboarders had these crazy custom short and fat swallowtail boards. He looked down at his regular twin shaped freestyle board and thought, I really need to get a powder specific snowboard to respect the powder days better. Two years later he had built his own prototype and together with Bryan Fox and Nitro created this perfect; short (154cm) and wide nosed swallowtail snowboard. The Quiver Powder board is built to be fast, float like a boat, and be agile in tight trees, accelerate in and out of turns, and stomp huge cliff landings with ease. Austin Smith & Bryan Fox rode this board maybe 50% of the winter because it gave them a new perspective and excitement for snowboarding. They finally realized what a perfect powder day should feel like with the Nitro Quiver Powder board – speed, ease, style and the sensation of surfing the mountain.
Nitro Überspoon
The reasoning behind this board is simple; we wanted to make a kick ass looking snowboard shape that allowed you to snowboard as cool as the board looks. The new shape with the exaggerated nose and tail lengths is perfect for all-mountain boarding and having fun jibbing in all sorts of terrain. The new Roofchop camber offers a floaty, playful flex and board feel that you want, but still offers the pop and support you need to haul ass all over the mountain. The Überspoon is reinforced with our Ballistic Impact Panels and Diamond Bands making this board strong enough to handle any terrain or deep landing. If you are looking for a new board with a fun new, stable and poppy camber technology, plus a nose and tail that are designed to keep you floating through powder all day, than the Überspoon was built for you.
Nitro Pantera SC
If you like to haul ass and rail turns, there isn't a better board on the market. The Nitro Pantera SC is a man's board designed for one thing: total mountain domination. This freeride machine has a stiffer flex than the regular Pantera thanks to the Diamond Laminates and an increased camber height. The tapered tail and directional shape allow you to float freely in powder. Whether you like to stick to the groomers or head into the trees, the sintered base will keep you ahead of the pack. We recommend the Pantera SC to anyone that wants to charge the mountain without worrying about outperforming their board.
Nitro Thunder
The ability to not rely on over-priced lift tickets and enjoy the solitude that the snow-covered wilderness offers is something better experienced than explained. For 2014 we are introducing the Thunder split-board. From its medium flex to its mid-wide directional shape, this board handles both ascending and descending like a champion. The Thunder is lightweight, easy to break down and reassemble, and extremely fun to explore the mountains with. It comes simply as a board split in half with clips, giving you the ability to choose what binding system you want to run. Experience the freedom of the mountains with the Nitro Thunder.